Everything you need to know to successfully complete your year at Eaglesoft

As 2020 reaches a conclusion, this is the ideal opportunity for dental practices to finish End of Year preparing in Eaglesoft. Regardless of whether you are new to Eaglesoft or are a prepared star at utilizing the training the board programming, End of Year handling could welcome inquiries to mind on the best possible advances.

As usual, the Patterson Technology Center is accessible to direct you and your training in this significant errand. Notwithstanding our master uphold group, if it’s not too much trouble exploit our live online classes and other accommodating assets beneath to help you finish the year solid.

Survey the End of Year measure with live online classes

On the off chance that you have questions not delineated in this post or are running End of Year for your first time, we suggest going to one of our live online classes to audit this cycle and get your inquiries replied. Online courses are offered on the accompanying dates:

December 22 at 2 p.m. CST

December 29 at 2 p.m. CST

December 31 at 11 a.m. CST

January 5 at 2 p.m. CST

Snap here to study the online classes and register.

End of Year Processing Guide

Our End of Year Processing Guide (PDF) is accessible for download. Utilize this guide as a kind of perspective as you complete your End of Year exercises. Your guide incorporates important agendas, bit by bit guidelines, EOY recordings and extra assets to finish and accommodate reports.

Regular inquiries identified with End of Year preparing in Eaglesoft

The motivation behind preparing an End of Year in Eaglesoft is to comprehend what has happened monetarily since your last End of Year was handled. For all you require to think about End of Year preparing, reference the accompanying often posed inquiries (FAQs).

Q1: I am planning to get a kick off on End of Year exercises. How would I know whether I have done everything to get ready for an effective End of Year measure for my training?

A1: There are a couple of things for preparing the framework to guarantee you have a smooth End of Year measure, for example, affirming SmartDoc inclinations and guaranteeing your SmartDoc Printer is working properly. Moreover, we prescribe you set aside this effort to perform cleanup upkeep, for example, eliminating latent suppliers and changing business hours. Reference FAQ #39954 for an End of Year Pre-Processing Checklist.

Q2: Before I measure my End of Year, are there any setup steps I need to finish within Eaglesoft to guarantee my End of Year reports save to SmartDoc?

A2: Yes, it is basic to have your SmartDoc inclinations set up to consequently save your End of Year reports. FAQ #2014 will walk you through this basic cycle.

Q3: Prior to preparing End of Year for my training, is there anything explicit to end of day or end of month that I need to consider preceding handling End of Year to guarantee my financials are precise?

A3: It is imperative to guarantee that both your finish of-day and end-of-month handling are exceptional before preparing your End of Year. FAQ #39954 subtleties this cycle to guarantee you are good to go for End of Year handling.

Q4: Occasionally, I will run into issues saving or potentially opening documents in SmartDoc. Would i be able to check anything proactively to guarantee this doesn’t occur with my End of Year reports?

A4: Absolutely, SmartDoc depends on Adobe to work appropriately when saving or opening documents. You may reference FAQ #31375 to check your Adobe inclinations are set up effectively.

Q5: Each year, our training considers expanding our administration charges just as refreshing our CDT codes. Is there a specific cycle we ought to follow to finish this undertaking?

A5: The Patterson Technology Center has an incredible asset that will walk you through this cycle. You can decide to refresh singular expenses or all charges and can likewise refresh your framework to incorporate the new CDT refreshes. FAQ #10986 will control you through these choices.

Q6: Around this season, our office begins taking a gander at refreshing our long stretches of activity for the new year. What assets do you offer to assist us with this cycle?

A6: There is a ton to consider when refreshing your training hours. Accordingly, we suggest you reference FAQ #27451. This FAQ contains short recordings that will walk you through every situation your office may experience alongside bit by bit directions.

Q7: I believe I have done all things required to get ready for preparing End of Year effectively in my training. Do you have an asset I can reference to guarantee I don’t miss anything?

A7: FAQ #39957 will walk you through the whole End of Year measure.

Notwithstanding the above FAQs with respect to the suggested ventures for handling End of Year effectively, we have a rundown of inquiries regularly posed after your training has run End of Year preparing in Eaglesoft. In the event that you need to ensure your End of Year was finished effectively, need to refresh quiet advantages afterward, update administration charges or on the off chance that you can’t find your End of Year reports, FAQ #39959 has answers to every one of these inquiries and then some.

Despite the fact that End of Year handling can appear to be overpowering, our help group at the Patterson Technology Center is focused on assisting Eaglesoft clients with this cycle. We trust you’ll additionally exploit our numerous instructive assets accessible, including the live online courses referenced previously.

While End of Year handling in Eaglesoft may not be the most energizing office task, finishing this vital cycle will assist you with seeing how your training performed over the previous year and help control your choices as you plan for the year ahead – setting your training up for a fruitful new year.

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